Masters Of Manipulation IX
By Don Feder
November 5 , 2018

       This is part of an ongoing series on how the left, the media in particular, uses language to distort reality and shape our thinking.

       1. The White Terror Threat After the Pittsburgh synagogue shootings, CNN's Don Lemon demanded that we, "Stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men." The statement is, of course, contradictory, unless Lemon thinks white men aren't people, which probably is the case.

       While deranged individuals commit horrible acts, these are relatively rare. Most mass shootings have nothing to do with race or religion. Only a race-baiter like Lemon could think that so-called White Nationalists (who are usually freelance nut jobs inspired by Internet ravings) are as much of a threat as ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Antifa and MS-13.

       Stigmatizing Caucasians is the last acceptable form of racism. If you note that African-Americans are 13% of the population, but commit 52% of all homicides, you'll be called a racist, even though it's true. (It's also true that most of their victims are black.)

       Barack Obama stubbornly refused to use the expression "Islamic terrorism," even though most acts of terrorism worldwide are committed by Muslim extremists. "But, but," apologists will sputter, "there's nothing in Islam that promotes terrorism." Actually, there is. It's called the Koran.

       It's fashionable to indict whites as a group, especially by self-hating white liberals. The charge assumes that there's something in the genetic makeup of pale skins that makes us prone to violence.

       Really? The homicide rate (per 100,000 inhabitants) is 0.67 in Poland and 0.54 in Switzerland, compared to 11.52 in Uganda, 19.26 in Mexico and 56.52 in Honduras.

       If whites are so dangerous, why are so many people of color so desperate to relocate to white-majority countries? Could it be to partake of the prosperity and relative safety to be found there? The Honduran immigrants traveling hundreds of miles to enter America aren't clamoring to become human targets for white terrorists.

       2. International Community The "international community" is fictitious. The closest we've ever come to it is the United Nations (UN), and you wouldn't want to get too close to that gang of cutthroats and kleptos.

       Based on General Assembly votes, the UN is anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, socialist and a tax-sucking super-bureaucracy given to moral posturing. Currently, the 47-member U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) includes such paragons as China, Cuba, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which are ruled by murderous regimes that routinely imprison, torture and kill dissidents.

       Between June 2006 and June 2016, the UNHRC adopted 135 resolutions criticizing specific countries. Slightly more than half (68) targeted Israel, a democracy and U.S. ally where human rights are respected, notwithstanding its life-and-death struggle with Islamic terrorism.

       The UN and its various agencies have ordered America to: take in more "refugees," surrender firearms, ruin our economy by subscribing to climate-control treaties, remove our embassy from Jerusalem, censor what Arab states call anti-Islamic speech, and pay more for their support.

       In other words, the international community is an excuse to pick our pockets, undermine our sovereignty and enforce political correctness and junk science globally.

       But it is kind of kinky to be lectured on human rights by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Cuba and China.

       3. Toxic Masculinity For feminists, is there another kind? This is an expression used to indict not sexual predators, jerks, boors and other assorted misfits and malefactors, but men who display masculine traits like aggressiveness (properly channeled), risk-taking, competitiveness and the idea that there are very real differences between the sexes.

       In the case of the United States, these traits led to Westward expansion, building the transcontinental railroad, saving mankind from the twin totalitarian threats of communism and fascism, and building the greatest industrial engine in history.

       Besides being aggressive, competitive and drawn to risk-taking, authentic masculinity respects femininity and has a natural urge to protect women and children.

       Masculinity is also about passing these traits on to our sons. The worst toxicity is displayed by men who grew up in homes without fathers, who learned the wrong lessons from a succession of their mother's boyfriends or on the streets.

       Under the sway of political correctness, Brown University now offers a course on "unlearning toxic masculinity." The real goal is to eliminate masculinity entirely to produce a generation of what Arnold Schwarzenegger used to call "girly men."

       Right and the next time there's a war on which our survival depends, we can call on sensitivity trainers and guys who beat drums in the woods.

       4. Partisan Gridlock Complaints that Congress isn't getting anything done usually focus on what's called partisan gridlock the inability of Washington to find compromises between the parties on issues like gun control, border security, taxes and spending, abortion, and regulation of the economy.

       What's so great about getting things done if you end up doing the wrong things? For Nancy Pelosi, compromise on immigration might mean building half a wall on the Mexican border or one that's only two feet high, instead of 20 feet.

       Partisan gridlock reflects the clash of values. One side believes in gun control; the other believes in crime control. One side thinks failure to control the borders will lead to national suicide; the other believes that everyone who wants to be here has a right to be here. One side believes (in the words of Oliver Wendel Holmes) that "taxes are the price we pay for civilized society." The other thinks that once they reach a certain level, taxes cripple the economy and severely limit individual autonomy.

       The answer to partisan gridlock is more partisanship. If you believe in the things that made America great, vote for one party. If you believe in the things that made the Soviet Union, East Germany, Cuba and Venezuela not-so-great, vote for the other. When the dust settles, whoever has a working majority in Congress will work for the realization of their vision, for better or worse.

       5. Climate of Violence CNN's Jim Acosta (who is to journalism what Jack the Ripper was to cosmetic surgery) says Trump uses "hostile rhetoric" against illegal immigrants to "drive up rage among his base" rage at illegals murdering and raping Americans, and those who allow them to continue coming here. How dare he!

       According to the left, only conservatives contribute to a climate of violence, by expressing certain views unpopular with the establishment. For instance, it's said that people who defend Confederate monuments as part of our history, somehow encourage racists to shoot up black churches.

       But by indicting cops as racist killers who target young black males, doesn't Black Lives Matter bear responsibility for the rash of ambush-style murders of police officers? Has it created a climate where rage-filled thugs feel justified in killing cops?

       When Maxine Waters tells the mob to "get in the faces" of administration officials to let them know they're not welcome to dine in public is she creating a climate of love?

       6. Safe Spaces Where snowflakes won't melt. Increasingly popular on the college campus, "safe spaces" are places where hyper-sensitive students (the next generation of liberals) are protected from ideas that frighten them.

       For instance, in an anti-speech zone, you express the view that all cops aren't racist, and that, on the whole, they are trying to enforce the law fairly, without regard to race or age.

       A snowflake supreme who hears this says he feels intimidated or worse that he has been "disempowered." But what exactly does that mean? You're not calling for a race war or making disparaging comments about an identifiable group. You're expressing an opinion, which is supposed to be protected by the First Amendment, especially at a state college or a private institution that receives state subsidies.

       Once upon a time, institutions of higher education were expected to encourage free and open debate. Now, the cry is, "I have a right not to be challenged." This implies that their ideas are so weak that they can't stand up to scrutiny.

       What will the hyper-sensitive do when they graduate? Sequester themselves in their homes with the television permanently turned to CNN? Employ an armed guard to follow them around monitoring the speech of those they encounter?

       Instead of "safe spaces," they should be called Happy Rainbow Land, where never is heard a discouraging word and the herd is contented all day.

       7. Limiting Ballot Access Supposedly, Republicans are trying to suppress the minority vote, which favors Democrats. It's said the Party of Lincoln does this by such devilish devices as voter ID laws requiring voters to prove that they are who they say they are, which tends to suppress the graveyard vote. Critics of these laws also claim voter fraud is an urban legend.

       By comparing census data and voter rolls, Judicial Watch's Election Integrity Project found that, nationwide, in 462 counties, voter registration exceeded 100% of all eligible voters. In California, registered voters exceeded eligible voters in 11 counties. Ten of them voted heavily for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

       National Review estimates that nationwide, there are roughly 3.5 million more registered voters than adults alive. Syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock calls them "ghost voters."

       Still, Democrats insist that requiring voters to verify their identity is a racist stratagem to keep minorities from voting. That must mean that requiring a photo ID to board a plane is a racist ploy to keep minorities from flying.

       You need a photo ID to fly, drive, buy alcoholic beverages, enter certain public buildings and sign up for government benefits. No one in the Democratic Party complains about any of this. But Voter ID laws are said to be a racist conspiracy. They are a conspiracy to counter voter fraud.

       Stay tuned for Masters of Manipulation X.

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains a Facebook page.

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