Masters Of Manipulation – Left-Speak VII
By Don Feder
October 8, 2018

       Back in 1958, when we still had a country, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote a book about communists called "Masters of Deceit."

       Today's leftists are masters of language manipulation. Through buzzwords – and their control of both the news and entertainment media – their ideology permeates the popular culture. Their catchphrases come with built-in assumptions. Expressions like "undocumented worker" contain hidden premises. (He's not an illegal alien. "He's a worker who was somehow overlooked.") Swallow the clichι and the mindset comes with it.

       This is the 7th installment in an ongoing series (started in 2009) that analyzes the inherent dishonesty in leftist terminology.

       1. Believe Women – This feminist dogma holds that when a woman charges a man with a sex crime, despite his disavowals, she must be believed until the charge is refuted.

       This reverses centuries of common law in which the burden of proof was on the accuser. "Believe women" is based on the notion that men have the power in these situations and women are always the victim. In reality, sometimes women victimize men – out of rage, resentment, envy or to further an agenda. Still, we are supposed to assume that every woman making an accusation is Snow White and every man accused is Jack the Ripper, unless, of course, he's a Democrat. 

       As you would expect, there are limits to Believe Women. The #MeToo-ers aren't picketing the Democratic National Committee or raising hell at Keith Ellison's campaign events. Karen Monahan, Ellison's ex-girlfriend, says that when they were together the Democratic Congressman, deputy chair of the DNC and candidate for Attorney General of Minnesota, was both physically and emotionally abusive.

       But, all is well. The Democratic Party of Minnesota hired its own attorney to investigate the matter, who reported that there was not "sufficient evidence to substantiate" the claims of physical abuse. (Having a lawyer they hired investigate abuse allegations is the Democrats equivalent of an FBI background check.) But even before these dubious findings were released, the MeToo movement decided to give Ellison a pass, probably based on his past support for abortion and other feminist causes.

       Believe women, except Karen Monahan, Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and a cast of thousands.

       2. Progressive – Since the liberal label has become unfashionable (because people know what modern liberalism stands for), increasingly, this is the way leftists describe themselves. It's so soothing. "I'm a progressive. I'm for progress." The underlying premise is that their agenda constitutes progress. Ergo, progress (humanity's march to a bright new tomorrow) is characterized by higher taxes, bigger government, rampant degeneracy, restrictions on speech and other forms of expression, and indoctrination through education and the media.

       If what they believe is progressive, then what conservatives believe must be regressive or reactionary. If true, why is it that their progressive agenda leads to so much suffering – broken homes, fatherless families, lack of economic opportunity, repression and restrictions on our day-to-day lives – while conservative values lead to more individual freedom, prosperity, and happy, healthy families? As Mr. Spock would say, "It does not compute, Captain."

       3. Hate Group – If you don't believe what the left believes about certain issues (abortion, gender, same-sex marriage, feminism, racism) you are hateful, and two or more of you acting in concert constitute a hate group which must be shunned in the name of tolerance. It doesn't matter if you disavow violence. (Their response is that even if you're not violent yourself, your views promote violence.) It doesn't matter that you call for fairness – for treating individuals on their merits.

       The concept has been weaponized by the left. One could call the Southern Poverty Law Center smear artists, except there's no artistry in its smears. One of SPLC's favorite tactics is to take legitimate conservative organizations – like Family Research Council – and lump them with racists and anti-Semites.

       Not surprisingly, there are different standards for right and left. When Rep. Maxine Waters tells the Resistance mob to get in the face of Trump supporters, isn't that incitement? When various leftist groups publish what amount to hit lists (several were used by the man who shot Congressman Steve Scalise) what would you call that – love?

       4. Slut-shaming – meaning that young women who dress and act like bimbos should not be referred to as bimbos. That's sexist.

       But does it work both ways? If you call a man who is often inebriated a "sloppy drunk," are you "booze-shaming" him? If you observe that a man is behaving like ex-President Bill Clinton, are you "horndog-shaming" him?

       Regarding sex, the left seeks to purge the language of anything judgmental. Thus, unmarried people living together aren't "shacking up," they're "cohabiting." Friends who have physical relations without emotional content aren't behaving like barnyard animals, they're "friends with benefits."

       If a woman appears naked, or nearly naked in public, and you tell her "Excuse me, dear, you shouldn't walk around naked or nearly naked in public; it may lead to unfortunate consequences," is this slut-shaming? Do you wonder why STD rates are soaring? Perhaps it's because too few are making judgements.

       5. Transgendered – The movement claims that if a man thinks/feels he's a woman, he must be treated as a woman – that what's called sexual identity trumps nature. Moreover, not to encourage his fantasy is bigotry.

       There's an aggressive campaign to advance transgenderism. It started with the demand that men or boys who "identify" as women be allowed to use ladies' toilets, showers and changing rooms, considerations of modesty and safety notwithstanding.

       Some states in the dumb belt have legislation requiring schools to accommodate the so-called transgendered. In one of them, recently, a girl was raped because a male who claimed to identify with the other sex had access to her.

       Minnesota just joined the ranks of states offering "non-binary" as an option on drivers' licenses, along with male and female. (Police call: "A white, non-binary was seen leaving the scene of the crime…") In reality (how cultural Marxists hates that word) you can't change your sex any more than you can change your species. We've yet to perfect chromosome-transplant surgery. A man can say he's a woman. He can dress like a woman. He can have himself surgically altered to resemble a woman. But, at the end of the day, he's still a man. Why should society be forced to affirm his fantasy?

       6. Compelling evidence – Not "beyond a reasonable doubt," not "a preponderance of evidence" (making one thing more likely than another), but, essentially, whatever evidence we choose to believe.

       If one party sounds more persuasive than the other, are we compelled to believe her? In the case of Katherine Ford and Judge Kavanaugh, almost every Democrat in the Senate was, without much effort, persuaded that Ford was assaulted by Kavanaugh at a party in 1982, when both were teens, even though she couldn't remember where it was, precisely when it was, how she got there or how she got home – and none of her witnesses recall the party. But that's okay, as a Hollywood activist pointed out, if she told it to her therapist, it must be true.

       Bottom line – it's compelling because we choose to believe it.

       7. Inappropriate behavior – Weasel words applied to allegations of sexual misconduct so vague as to be unprovable. He didn't rape her. He didn't assault her. He didn't molest her. He behaved "inappropriately" toward her.

       Fondling a woman's derriere isn't inappropriate; it's sexual assault. Inappropriate behavior is a category so broad as to cover almost anything – offhand remarks, crude humor, pestering for dates (as Anita Hill alleged of Clarence Thomas), staring too long or hard, etc. The idea is to make the phrase as nebulous and inclusive as possible, to let feminists trap almost any man they're after.

       Language manipulation is a powerful weapon. Who controls the language controls the debate and, ultimately, controls the political process.

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains a Facebook page.

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