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Mitt Romney: How To Lose The Most Important Election Of Our Time By Not Really Trying
GrassTopsUSA Exclusive Commentary
By Don Feder

Mitt Romney is losing the most important election of our lifetime. Don’t be deceived by the polls that show him “within the margin of error.” Don’t put your faith in last minute media-buys from the campaign’s gargantuan war chest.

         Don’t expect the debates to turn things around. The president may not be an electrifying speaker, but he knows how to demagogue. His message will be: I love the middle class; Mitt Romney wants tax cuts for millionaires and eats children.

         And, don’t count on the fact that public opinion is against Obama on almost every significant issue. (At no time since its passage has less than a majority favored repeal of Obamacare.)

         The stars should be perfectly aligned for a Republican blowout this year. The economy is in the dumpster – deficits to dwarf anything we’ve seen in the past, the highest sustained unemployment since the Great Depression, anemic growth, huge tax hikes just around the corner, consumer prices through the ceiling – and the man responsible for it all is coasting to a second term.


         Donald Trump is perplexed: “The economy is horrible.” Obama is “the worst president ever on foreign policy, everything is going bad…. We should be winning in a landslide; we’re not. The Republicans are doing something wrong.” Right – except it’s not the Republicans; it’s Romney.

         The Governor, bless his bland little heart, is the worst candidate the GOP has fielded since Viagra Bob Dole – so bad he makes John McCain look like Harry Truman on his 1948 Whistle Stop Tour.

         Almost every national poll shows Romney behind by 1 to 8 points – Rasmussen (Obama 47%, Romney 45%) Gallup (47% to 46%), Washington Post (52% to 44%), AP (47% to 46%) and Pew Research (51% to 43%).

         The Governor is currently losing every key swing state by a significant margin: Ohio (49% to 42%), Florida (49% to 44%), Virginia (54% to 43%) and Pennsylvania (50% to 41%). In Pennsylvania, Romney is getting buried in a state that elected a Republican governor and U.S. Senator two years ago – a state whose small towns Obama described as populated by religious fanatics, bigots and gun-nuts, four years ago.

         The president now has an approval rating (according to the Real Clear Politics 7-poll average) of 49.7%.

         With photos of the U.S. ambassador’s body being dragged through the streets of Benghazi, and a mob storming our Cairo embassy and burning the American flag as a backdrop, 39% say they have “a lot of confidence” in the second-coming of Neville Chamberlain’s ability to handle an international crisis, compared to only 26% who express a similar degree of confidence in Romney.

         That’s not the worst of it.

         With a reputation for accuracy, Rasmussen Reports' 2012 Electoral College Scoreboard (last updated on September 21) gives Romney 178 safe electoral votes and Obama 180.

         But when you add likely and leaning votes (only 18 for the GOP candidate, 57 for the president), the electoral map shapes up as 237for Obama, 196 for Romney and 105 electoral votes from states rated toss-ups.

         That puts Obama 32 votes away from an Electoral College majority, and a second term. Romney comes up 73 votes short. To defeat Obama, Mitt would have to win almost three-quarters of the votes from toss-up states.

         Of course, things change and Romney could still win. But first he’d have to stop playing in the ladies' badminton league.

         It takes a stupendous degree of ineptitude to lose an election to the Typhoid Mary of economic policy. Mr. Hope-You-Get-to-Keep-The-Change-Left-In-Your-Pocket has inflicted on the nation:
•  An unemployment rate of 8.1%, compared to 7.8% when he took office. That’s on top of the 7.7 million who’ve dropped out of the labor force. Long-term unemployment is up 87%.

•  The labor force participation rate is 63.5%, the lowest since 1981.

•  The number of Americans in poverty went from 39.8 million to 46.2 million. Food stamp recipients are up 46%.

•  Inflation-adjusted, middle-class income has declined by $3,900.

•  The federal debt increased a staggering 51% since January 2009. This year’s federal deficit will weigh in at $1.1 trillion. Obama has posted the only $1 trillion-plus deficits (4 of them), in our history.

•  The retail price of gas rose over 100% during the Obama years. The average price of beef increased from $3.69 to $6.99 a pound. Home values are down 40%-60%. The values of IRAs and 401ks fell 20% to 50%.

•   Unless the president and Congress act, the top tax rates will go up from 33% to 36% and 35% to 39.6% on January 1, 2013. Obama is targeting those with incomes of over $200,000, the people whose investments drive economic expansion. As we enter the next recession (did the last ever end?), Obama is siphoning more money from job-creation to the black hole of federal spending. The CBO estimates that by the second quarter of next year, unemployment will be over 9%.

        Obamacare is causing 83% of physicians to consider getting out of medicine. Perhaps you can guess what that will mean for those of us who’ll need more than a Band-Aid and an aspirin in the years ahead.

         What will it take to rouse a comatose nation: Shabby men selling apples on street corners? Wall Street bankers taking swan dives off skyscrapers? Obamavilles dotting urban landscapes? Mitt hasn’t a clue how to reach voters with this catastrophic news.

         It’s hard to say which is the greatest Obama disaster – our economy or foreign policy.

         The Muslim Brotherhood Barack Hussein put in power in Egypt salivates for the blood of Americans and war with Israel.

         The people we turned over Libya to won’t or can’t confront the Islamists who butcher U.S. diplomats in the streets. For the civilized world, the Arab Spring is turning into a season in Hell.

         Obama steadfastly refuses to create a redline, the crossing of which would bring military retaliation against Iran. The Mullah-ocracy is six months away from getting nuclear weapons. Our Cairo embassy apologizes to the flag-burning mob for a video that offends Muslim sensibilities.

         And Romney continues to dither, as he plummets in the polls. It’s not that he’s saying the wrong things, just that he says them without conviction, let alone fire.

         He wants to win without being mean. We’re still stuck on “The President’s a nice guy, but we just can’t afford him for four more years.” Now there’s a slogan to ring through the ages, along with we-shall-fight-on-the beaches.

         American voters like a fighter, whether or not they agree with him. It was Truman’s give-em-hell defiance that won the 1948 election more than his policies. Reagan’s self-assurance carried the day in 1980.

         All politicians have an inner compass. Romney’s points to true passionless. A decent fellow, he’s a businessman who understands how wealth and jobs are created. Obama is an ideologue who understands how income is redistributed and progress stymied.

         But Romney’s strengths are also his weaknesses. He’s a pragmatist, a process-man who believes in good management as the magic elixir. His political principles are weak. This makes it hard for him to articulate a vision which will mobilize those who aren’t already terrified of our transformative president.

         What should Romney be saying?

         He should tell the ugly truth, boldly and unhesitatingly – and media squealing about negative campaigning, smears and McCarthyism be damned.

         Not that we can’t afford four more years of Obama, but America won’t survive four more years of soft-Marxism. Obama continues living in the White House, America dies.

         That Barack Obama hates everything that has made America special – patriotism, the free market, the Constitution and our Judeo-Christian heritage.

         That he would sweep aside the grandeur of the past 236 years for a gray European-style social-welfare state whose only god is equality.

         That Obama is committed to flooding the country with illegal aliens to dilute our national character. That his order to end the deportation of illegals under 30 is just the first stage of an undeclared war on our borders: Get them in. Get them on public assistance. Get them voting Democratic.

         That Obama sympathizes with Islamists and will do nothing to stop their march to power throughout the Muslim world, that he believes we brought 9/11 on ourselves, that the Muslim Brotherhood is a force for progress in the world and that Israel (which he truly despises) must be eliminated by a one-state solution where Jews are a minority.

         That he wants to make America increasingly more energy dependent, that our nation must go on an energy-starvation diet to further his goofy, green agenda. That he will end off-shore drilling, drastically curtail drilling permits on federal land, close coal-fired plants and phase out nuclear power. That he wants to make gas so expensive that the middle class is forced to choose between public transportation and bicycles.

         That this is a president whose rage was fueled by his associations – Frank Marshall Davis, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said, Derrick Bell, Fr. Michael Pfleger, Van Jones,, Code Pink, ACORN and Occupy Wall Street.

         That if his party doesn’t control both houses of Congress next year, Obama intends to govern unconstitutionally by executive order. That he thinks the separation of powers and other constitutional safeguards are impediments to the goose-stepping march of progress.

         That Obama will turn the Supreme Court into a rubber stamp for the left’s social agenda – same-sex marriage, unrestricted access to publicly funded abortion, gun confiscation, racial hiring quotas and a radically secularized society.

         But to imagine Mitt the Mild saying any of the foregoing is to enter a fantasy realm inhabited by free-market elves and patriotic unicorns. With all of the advances in medical science, they’ve yet to develop a charisma-transplant.

         The foregoing is a cry of desperation. Please understand, I would give almost anything to avoid Spawn of Satan, Part II. If I could assure Romney’s election by cutting off a digit on my left hand, they’d be calling me Four-Finger Feder.

         But I can’t elect Mitt Romney. The conservative movement can’t elect him – not without his cooperation.

         It’s time for the movement’s leadership to confront the Governor, to tell him he’s losing, tell him why he’s losing; and tell him what he has to change to win.

         Otherwise, in 46 days, he’ll join the illustrious company of Alf Landon, Bob Dole, John McCain and the Man on the Wedding Cake.


  Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,