An Open Letter To Illegal Aliens From Your Friends In The Democratic Party
By Don Feder
May 6, 2019

       Dear Future Democratic Voters,

       Hola, amigos!

       Welcome to what once was America. We're delighted you're here and hope all of your friends and relations will join you.

       To create our America (the Socialist States of Bernie), we need millions more like you:

       People who don't speak English, and probably never will more than they need to get by

       People with little education and low job skills

       Those who'll occupy menial positions or end up being permanent dependents of the state, helping us to expand all-important social-service budgets

       Those who don't understand how our system of government works, coming as they do from cultures where the law is imposed on them from above

       Those from socialist countries who believe that government is the source of prosperity and it's the job of the state to care for them

       Those who'll get most of their information from the foreign-language press, which we control

       Poorly educated, low-skilled, feeling no sense of loyalty to or pride in our country, expecting government to care for them you are the perfect fodder for the Democratic Party of tomorrow.

       We want you to help us turn the United States into something that previous generations of Americans could never have imagined: a nation without a common language or a national identity a multicultural boarding house, a battlefield of warring races and ethnicities fighting over political spoils. We don't care if you ever identify as Americans in fact, we hope you don't but continue to think of yourself as Salvadorans, Hondurans and Guatemalans living in the United States.

       We don't care if you have a criminal record or have minor scuffles with the law while you're here. If tens of thousands of Americans are raped, assaulted, robbed, murdered or killed by drunk drivers (or a few million are hooked on heroin or contract a disease that had been eradicated here decades ago), it's a small price to pay for a higher cause securing a Democratic majority in perpetuity.

       We care about one thing and one thing only: That you vote (legally or illegally) for your patrons in the Democratic Party, so that we can continue to shower benefits on you, bring in more like you (so you'll feel increasingly at home here) and remake America.

       To instill a proper sense of appreciation for the Democratic Party, consider what we've done for you so far:

       Refused to vote funding for a wall, despite the chaos on our southern border (103,492 illegals apprehended in March alone a 12-year high). Central Americans aren't the only ones clamoring for entry. Middle America is worried about Salvadorans and Guatemalans. Wait till we start importing Pakistanis and Palestinians.

       Effectively established open borders

       Established sanctuary cities, where local law enforcement has been ordered not to cooperate with ICE in apprehending criminal aliens. Municipalities we control now have their own immigration laws.

       Keep threatening to abolish ICE

       Refuse to reform our suicidal immigration system, including what amounts to catch-and-release, anchor babies and chain migration

       Turned our presidential primaries into a bidding war to see which candidates will promise to do the most for you.

       Our embrace of open borders is both practical and ideological.

       We don't like America as it has been for most of its history.

       We don't like the concept of limited, constitutional government. We don't like an independent judiciary. We don't like checks and balances. We don't like a free-market economy. We don't like private gun ownership. We don't like freedom of expression. We don't like the Judeo-Christian ethic. Our loathing of the foregoing is reflected in our positions.

       Ironically, you're going to help us to turn America into something very much like the countries you fled.

       And the great somnolent masses won't rouse themselves until it's too late. Many will look at our support for the alien inundation and say, "Oh, how nice, how compassionate, how humane." But this isn't about benevolence, but the reckless pursuit of raw political power to advance a utopian agenda.

       You'll help us to expunge the last vestiges of patriotism from our schools and society.

       In 2014, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a California school district could ban American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo, for concern that they might offend Mexican students. Based on the same reasoning, schools should no longer observe Memorial Day, Veterans Day, the 4th of July and, of course, Columbus Day.

       Nothing that remotely resembles U.S. history or civics will be taught in our pubic education system. Patriotic expressions will be banned. Multiculturalism will reign supreme. The people will be disarmed. (Look at how well that's worked in Venezuela.)

       Patriots who object to your unlawful presence here will be labeled racists and excluded from the public policy debate.

       Statues of Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa and Herbert Marcuse will replace Christopher Columbus and Robert E. Lee.

       And the Democratic Party will have a permanent super-majority.

       Do the dopes who let us get away with it ever wonder why no Republican holds statewide office in California today or why the state's congressional delegation is lopsidedly Democratic, or why Republicans in the State Assembly (outnumbered 61 to 19) could caucus in the proverbial phone booth if we still had them.

       Thanks to you and your counterparts, soon we'll have California from sea to shining sea.

       Maybe we can bring in Cubans and Russians as poll watchers.

       Some have charged that Democrats will do nothing to stem the human tsunami washing over our southern border. That's flatly false. We are doing everything we can to facilitate it.

       We've thought about giving out fruit baskets and doing foot massages at the border. But that would be a bit obvious, don't you think?

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains a Facebook page.

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