By Don Feder
January 30, 2018

       Democrats want to create a path to citizenship for illegals. Enfranchising the DREAMERS will give them millions of new voters. As 2010, 2014 and 2016 showed, they can't win with Americans.

       They don't want just any old immigrants, but those least likely to assimilate.

       Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are saying: "Give me your unskilled, uneducated and impoverished (those most-likely to become welfare-dependent) , give me immigrants from societies least like our own, give me those who will feel no loyalty or gratitude toward our country (but resent us for our supposed crimes against the Third World), and those who will be guided by racial-identity politics.

       However its packaged with nation-of-immigrants platitudes, a path to citizenship for those designated DREAMERS is another amnesty, which is another nail in the coffin of American sovereignty.

       To put the issue in perspective:

       • "DREAMERS" is a soothing euphemism designed to maximize sympathy for a group of illegal aliens. If we called them SCREAMERS (for their raucous demonstrations) or SCHEMERS, would the public be as open to their demands?

       • Don't trust projections. The number to be legalized by a given amnesty is as reliable as initial cost estimates of government programs. First, the administration was going to offer amnesty to 800,000. Now it's 1.8 million. Where will it end? As many as 3.6 million could benefit from this amnesty.

       • As Ann Coulter pointed out in a column last September, the 1986 amnesty for farm laborers was supposed to cover 350,000, according to then Rep. Chuck Schumer, one of its champions. That number eventually grew to 1.4 million.

       • The DREAMERS' amnesty is supposed to cover illegals who were younger than 17 when they were brought here prior to June 15, 2012. You have to take their word for it. As anyone who's familiar with these programs can tell you, fraud is rampant.

       • How does a SCHEMER prove he came here as a minor, prior to the cutoff? Rent receipts, school records? – documents that can easily be forged. Ultimately, we have to take the word of someone who broke the law to get here, a fine recommendation of honesty and integrity.

       • The quid pro quo for expanding the Dumb Old Party's base is $20 billion for a wall to secure our southern border. But why should we have to bribe Democratic senators to carry out their sworn duty to protect America – including its borders?

       • The media keep telling us that Republicans have to make whatever concessions it takes to get the necessary 60 votes to pass the budget with funding for the wall and a DREAMER deal.

       • But it could be done by a simple majority. First, change the requirement for invoking cloture (ending a filibuster) from 60 votes to 51. This is a rule which the Senate can change at any time. Mitch McConnell did it last year to confirm the president's Supreme Court nominee. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been possible to find enough Democrats to get to 60 votes if God was nominated.

       • Illegal immigration is the health of the Democratic Party. The Dems will do almost anything to create more voters who are poor, uneducated and easily led.

       According to a story in the March 14, 2017 Washington Times, there are now almost 500 sanctuary cities. Care to guess how many have Republican mayors or city councils?

       The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency says that in 2016, 279 municipalities refused to cooperate with ICE at least once. And more than 2,000 illegals that the agency was trying to deport were released back onto the streets by local authorities.

       Pandering pols who create sanctuary cities are responsible for every crime committed by those who are sheltered there.

       New Jersey's new Democratic Governor, Phil Murphy, says he plans to establish a state agency to aid the undocumented, called the Office of Immigrant Defensive Protection. Will candygams and foot-rubs be included among its services? Murphy threatens to make the Garden State a sanctuary state if the DREAMERs aren't amnestied.

       California became a sanctuary state last year. With a governor who came here from another planet in charge (talk about aliens), how could it be otherwise?

       Apparently, it doesn't matter how many Americans are victimized to protect the Democrats' favorite constituency.

       Last week, newcomer Luis Bracamontes was in the Sacramento Superior Court laughing about killing a sheriff and his deputy in 2014, and boasting that his only regret was not killing more officers.

       Meanwhile, in the San Francisco-area, undocumented felon Alfonso Alarcon-Nunez was charged with at least 10 criminal offenses, including "forcible rape, rape of an intoxicated person, oral copulation of an intoxicated person and first-degree burglary."

       An Uber driver, Alarcon-Nunez would pick up young women who appeared to be drunk, drive them to their homes and rape and rob them. How about #stopillegalscumfromvictimizingAmericanwomen.

       In the 2018 election, Bracamontes and Alarcon-Nunez should be poster boys for the Democratic Party's immigration policies.

       This year the GOP is in deep excrement. The party that wins the White House almost always loses seats in the next Congressional election. And, despite a booming economy, the president has record low approval ratings, thanks to media efforts to portray him as a cross between Ivan the Terrible and Gordon Gekko.

       In the House, two-thirds of retiring members are Republican. Still chances for a turnover here are slim.

       Of the 34 Senate seats up this year, 26 are held by Democrats or those who caucus with them, and only 8 by Republicans. But Republicans can lose only one seat (net) and maintain their working majority, with the Vice President voting to break a tie.

       That's why it's crucial for Republicans to keep immigration on the table. The strategy should be: no deal on DREAMER amnesty, the Wall, and an end to chain-migration and the visa lottery.

       This year, whoever mobilizes more of there base will win. Anyone who'll be upset if the DREAMERS aren't put on the yellow-brick road to citizenship is already in the Democratic column.

       Republicans need to mobilize the base that elected Trump in 2016, against all odds. Trump was elected on immigration and Republicans can win on it again. Each day brings fresh horror stories, like Laughing Boy Bracamontes and Uber rapist Alarcon-Nunez.

       Let the DREAMERS' fan club march, chant and wave signs. Let more municipalities go sanctuary city. Let Nancy Pelosi rave, like saying Trump's immigration policy is about "making America white again." And the Democrats' is to fan the flames of racial resentment (e.g., if you're concerned about the murder of police officers, you're a white supremacist).

       Democrats are terrified of another Trump wave-election. They’re so desperate for a deal that will take immigration off the table that Schumer reportedly offered $20 billion to fund the border wall in exchange for a DREAMER amnesty.

       It's not just that illegal immigration is a winning issue for Republicans. Finding a way to deal with it is crucial for our national survival.

       The GOP strategy should be: No DREAMER deal! Clean votes on the three elements of border security/immigration reform. Republicans should go to the wall on this one.

Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains a Facebook page.

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