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Will This Radical Legislation Make Your Church Illegal?

Clumsily and disgustingly disguised as a measure to extend civil rights protections to gay and so-called transgendered individuals, legislation that is intentionally designed to CRIMINALIZE CHRISTIANITY and promote the radical gay agenda is presently making its way through the United States Senate ...

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In The News Today

Trump Demands An End To Sanctuary Cities

President Trump in early morning tweets on Sunday said Americans "are demanding that Sanctuary Cities be GONE." Trump, citing Fox News, initially noted that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) "just signed Bill banning Sanctuary Cities in State, & forcing all law enforcement agencies to cooperate with Federal Immigration authorities."   

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Joe Biden Supports Abortion Funding Because ...

Imagine if Donald Trump announced he would change his longtime opposition to public funding of abortion in order to ensure that black, Hispanic, and poor women can abort their babies. Would liberals need even 10 seconds before foaming at the mouth screaming that heís a racist?.

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Vatican Opens Debate On Married Priests

The Vatican formally opened debate Monday on letting married men be ordained as priests... The document, prepared by the Vatican affirmed that celibacy is a gift for the Catholic Church. But it suggested officials study "the possibility of priestly ordination for older men... even if they have stable families...

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Iran Announces Intentions To Violate Nuclear Deal

Iran announced today it intends to smash the strict uranium stockpile limits set under the nuclear deal it struck with the world's leading powers. The hardline country's shock statement is another blow to a pact already crumbling since the USís high-profile withdrawal.

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